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Carl Jennings

Personal Trainer

Experience: Over 20 years experience in health and fitness industry

Specialties: It's not solely the knowledge of transforming the human body that drives Carl to train. Using that knowledge to help others achieve their goals is his passionate act of service. As a Marine Corps Veteran and Mixed Martial Arts Instructor, one would assume Carl’s approach to health and fitness matches that of a Drill Sergeant’s, but that’s far from his philosophy. His success formula doesn’t involve wearing yourself out in the gym, or the next fad diet. Carl knows from trial and error that sustainability is key, and that can only be achieved through a healthy balance of mental & physical strength, and the proper nutritional education. While Carl’s passion for helping people find balance played a key role in luring him away from Corporate America to come back to training full time, there’s just one thing he loves more: his two, beautiful children. “I want them to know that a successful life doesn’t have to meet everyone else’s expectations. A successful life should feed their souls. That’s what helping people achieve their health and fitness goals does for me.”



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