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Bringing youth athletes to the next level through RISE Mindset Development Program


RISE MENTORS are a team of over 20 Olympians and Professional Athletes - swimmers, gymnasts, water polo, baseball and rugby players that work one-on-one with youth athletes from all over the world. RISE Mentors are ready to bring youth athletes to the next level through our Mindset Development Program. We work them them each week and help them succeed in competition and sport — and perhaps more importantly, helping them become stronger, more resilient humans. We understand what it’s like to be young and competitive, how a mentor can make all the difference, and how mental skills, based in the tenets of positive sports psychology, can make competing fun, fulfilling, and transformative.


If you’d like to discuss what RISE can do for the young athlete in your life,

click below or email us rise@rise-athletes.com.

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