For additional information regarding Kentucky “Healthy at Work” guidelines go to Go to “Healthy at Work” tab and click on ”Learn More” and this will have specifics for reopening guidelines.



In accordance with KY Governor guidelines, masks will not be required while inside the Clubs if you have received both of your vaccinations, unless you are inside our Childcare Nurseries.  Staff, Visitors, and Children ages 2+ are required to wear masks when in a childcare setting, per KY Governor Beshear. Masks are not required outside. We ask that Members and Guests respect this policy and adhere to it. Please be respectful of those around you.


  • The Club generally adheres to guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control with respect to mitigating risks associated with COVID-19. 

  • Member agrees to comply with all policies and procedures established by the Club from time to time to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19. 

  • Member acknowledges and agrees that Member and Member’s family utilizes the Club’s facilities at their own personal risk, and Member releases the Club, its members, managers, officers and employees, from any and all claims and causes of action in the event Member or any member of Member’s family contracts COVID-19. 

  • The Club reserves the right to not refund or grant any credits with respect to the monthly membership fee paid by Member in the event the Club is required to temporarily close or otherwise suspend or restrict the activities and programs offered by the Club due to the Club’s compliance with federal, state and/or local mandates or orders.  However, the Club will offer credits towards future activities and programs for any activities or programs paid for in advance by Member and which are canceled due to the Club’s compliance with federal, state or local mandates and/or orders.


  • Blairwood/LTC will ensure no space within either club exceeds 33% capacity.

  • Do not enter the premises if you have felt sick in the last 24 hours.

  • All individuals entering the facility MUST CHECK IN to provide information for potential contact notification. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Remain six (6) feet apart whenever possible.

  • Wash Hands and use hand sanitizer frequently. Sanitizer provided where possible.

  • Wear a face mask at all times.

  • Towel service is eliminated.

  • Bring your own water bottles, towels, equipment.

  • Lockers use should ensure social distancing.

  • Restrooms, shower facilities available – club sanitizes frequently.

  • Saunas and steam rooms are closed.

  • Child services are closed.

  • Lost & found bins are eliminated.



  • All employees will complete an Employee Screening Questionnaire upon starting a shift to ensure they do not have COVID19.

  • All employees will have their temperature checked upon the start of their work shift.

  • Appropriate face coverings, gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) will be used by employees when appropriate.


FITNESS SPECIFIC – in addition to General Guidelines

  • Ensure that all stationary fitness equipment is spaced at six (6) feet apart – or close pieces to ensure six (6) feet of distance between active machines.

  • Strength & Cardio rooms must maintain occupancy requirements (see signage in rooms).

  • All participants are encouraged to wipe down equipment with disinfecting wipes after each use.

  • Club will frequently sanitize all fitness equipment.

  • Use of face mask or face shield required at all times.

  • Group Exercise classes are not currently offered in person, but will be offered as "virtual" classes.


TENNIS SPECIFIC – in addition to General Guidelines

  • Tennis lessons, including River City lessons, Fast Feeds Instructional Lessons, and all Junior Lessons are permitted.

  • Regular tennis play is permitted. If playing singles or doubles – bring your own tennis balls.

  • Use your racquet/foot to pick balls and hit them to your opponent. Avoid using your hands.

  • If a ball from another court comes to you, send it back with a kick or your racquet.

  • When finished please leave the facility as soon as reasonably possible. If you do stay you must maintain social distancing if not from the same household.

  • Use of face mask or face shield required at all times.


AQUATIC SPECIFIC – in addition to General Guidelines

  • Swim pools are open for lap swimming, exercise or practices that can follow social distancing guidelines.

  • Private and semi-private swim lessons are permitted.

  • Instructional swim team is permitted.

  • Lap Swim must swim no more than two (2) swimmers per lane. See Lap Swim Schedule.

  • Masks ARE NOT REQUIRED while swimming. Please wear your face mask/face shield to the pool and remove only when you enter the water. Replace your face mask/face shield when you exit the water.